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15th-Jun-2011 01:41 am - Happy List for June 15
heart in hands
♥ My new niece and nephews. So, my brother has only been dating his girlfriend since like January, so it's probably too soon to be claiming her kids, but I'm already attached and it's easier than saying "my brother's girlfriend's kids." But they're all awesome and I love them!

♥ concert calls!

♥ the guys in my boys' lives who step in and do all the "father" things that they don't have to do. I don't know what I would do without these men, and I know that my kids are damn lucky to have them.

Phineas & Ferb and Johnny Test. I'm not too sure about any other kids shows these days. (although I totally watched iParty with Victorious this weekend...)

8th-Apr-2009 05:30 pm(no subject)
PatD's twitters


(re)watching the Making of the Helena Video & Frank says "It's always awkward to pretend to play. I feel like Ashlee Simpson."

Ashlee! She is definitely charming me lately.

Opening day at the Salem Red Sox is tomorrow night! (I gotta miss it b/c I have class, not fun!)

Footloose! (Yay for Broadway in Roanoke plays! even if I do have to spend the evening with my brother's wife.)

Tom/Gabe. Or Tom/Shane + Bden/Jon. I may have a thing for Tom Conrad lately.

That test I thought I bombed last week? 103!

Eight more sleeps!

Turn Coat! I can't read it yet b/c I have NO TIME & will probably save it to read on the plane next week, but I have it in my hands!

Jessie's kitten noises
30th-Mar-2009 12:26 am(no subject)
heart cup
It's after midnight, so 16 days until Texas! And only 13 of those days involve being at work! And in Texas I get wendy and phaballa and asimplechord and shutyourface and I get bandboys and I get to be the fuck away from here! <3

I have tickets to see Three Doors Down (w/ Hinder, Theory of a Deadman, and Black Stone Cherry) in May!

Tinsley is safely back home! So now she's just a text message away! (Or, she will be once she retrieves her luggage and her cell phone charger, lol!)

My kids are ridiculously adorable and awesome sometimes.

aggybird's Greg the Vampire story. (And gossymer for introducing me to them!)

Signs of Spring: opening day for the Avalanche Red Sox is April 9, and opening day at Motor Mile Speedway is next Saturday. Also coming up is the Strawberry Festival, YUM!!

Bagheera brought home a pregnant girlfriend, so we're gonna have kittens.

My van ran like a dream all the way to NJ and back! She is so awesome; I love her!

casualyobsessed has a new friend who loves FOB (he was really cute when he said this, too!) and is sweet and is generally much more worthy of my approval than the one she's been talking to for a while.

Fast and the Furious next weekend!
7th-Mar-2009 10:08 am(no subject)
It's going to be almost 80 fricken degrees today!

Ani DiFranco playing at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke Monday night.

My car is all legal and stuff again!

I still have a job!

Conversations that are completely inappropriate for work and yet still exist.

Getting my daily Jensen fix over at trystan830's lj.

Panic at the Disco


Tuesday I get to drive Tinsley and Lacee to the airport in DC so they can go to IRELAND.

39 days <3
25th-Feb-2009 07:35 pm(no subject)
I set out to make a happy list, but it's turned into mostly links. Uh, oops?

Christian Kane has a line of ladies lingerie?

stray dog sick or straight toxic? I'm seriously thinking of making a poll just to include that question.

the Jeep Laredo I test drove today

This Keltie spam by jamie_dear

Ryan Ross. Seriously, I am amused by his posts and even more amused by the idea of their shenanigans and adventures.

I know what I'm writing for hpslashnotsmut!!

Ryan, The Littlest, Loneliest Skeleton and it's companion piece Ghost Days (by cest_what)

having HP fic in my inbox to beta for one of my favoritest people

all the crickets it would take by matchsticks_p. In which Pete ships Patrick/Ashlee, and Patrick doesn't. I seriously love this piece SO MUCH and it's been stuck with me for the past couple days. If you haven't read it yet, you seriously should, and be sure to leave some love for the author because there are decidedly not nearly enough comments on this fic.

The Good Life by sinsense. Frank's a fucking asshole, but that doesn't mean he's not trying to get it right. [AU where MCR never got together; the guys have half-decent jobs in a shitty New Jersey city, and they get together and drink at night. Also known as asshole!Frank.] MCR, Frank/OFCs, Brian/Frank, NC-17, 28000 words. I really don't know what to say about this, b/c it's not exactly HAPPY but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing is brilliant and the fic is dirty and real and I love Frank and Brian and Bert. Definitely take a chance and read it even if you don't think it's your thing.

copperbadge posted the final chapters of Nameless.

Bob Bryar's post about his 'broken' cell phone Seriously, this sounds just like something my baby brother has said.

Ray Toro talking about jailbreaking his phone
13th-Feb-2009 03:39 pm(no subject)
me, swing
Friday's Happy List

♥ It's Friday...the 13th. *cue eerie music*

♥ Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. :D

♥ I got 5 carnations and a rose. (Although I was supposed to get 7 carnations.)

fangs_up1 and marauder_lover. They're both here today.

♥ Two of my friends got back together! <3

♥ My brother's here! Fixing a car.

♥ Rainbow, shiny Dolphins. WITH SPARKLES!

♥ Pink Floyd.

♥ Bugs Bunny, Penguins, and SNOWMEN.

♥ Blink 182 got back together. Yay!
11th-Feb-2009 10:41 pm(no subject)
Today's Happy List is brought to you by the power of txtmsgs.

Roses are red! Violets are blue! Faces like yours belong in the zoo! Don't be mad, I'll be there too; not in a cage but waving at you!

Never give a redneck power tools and free time.

ltlredhairdgirl has an adorable new haircut.

What's up, monkey butt?

I'm bored. BORED. bored bored bored bored.

instead of ping pong... pug bong!

Tom hasn't seen Jon in years, not since the summer after high school. When Jon headed west for school and Tom had stayed in Chicago.


the internet is full of LIES.

27 DAYS!!!!

another day, another fire

That was interesting, right? :)
11th-Feb-2009 12:18 am(no subject)
The killer headache I have right now is definitely NOT on my happy list. How about some things that do make me happy?

Brandi is awake and seems to be doing as well as can be expected. The doctors are already talking about therapy and whatnot, which is apparently a good sign.

Johnathan (aka fangs_up1)

wearethestars making me music to write my bandombigbang fic to

asimplechord helping me with my homework

reallythateasy entertaining me during my boring A&P lecture

the last A&P lecture of this term

volunteer firefighters

Ryan & Keltie

ccmom's adorable kid

the plumber came today and fixed our shower, which has been giving us fits for months, so that's a big YAY!

lilian_cho being the Queen of Obsessive Tagging (the LJ kind, not the illegal graffiti type kind)

Pete Wentz's speaking voice. I cringe at his attempts to sing, but I love to listen to him talk.
10th-Feb-2009 08:57 pm(no subject)
Cobra Starship

· Harley was talking about something last week that sounded good. Chocolate chocolate-chip cake. And spaghetti.

· Thinking about the concerts. I can't wait.

· Black Gold. I think they're an awesome band.

· Tabby. She cracks me up! No joke.

· Listening to new bands.

· Talking to friends.

· Might be going to an expensive restaurant with French class.

· Scary Movie. Me and one of my friends were talking about it today.

· Madlibs.

· Thinking about getting a new phone soon.
9th-Feb-2009 09:10 pm(no subject)
ilu lollipop
I'm in a really craptastic mood, so I'm gonna try to make a happy list to cheer myself up.

&hearts fan-fucking-tastic friendslist

&hearts in that same vein, fab_feb_friends. Today's task was to create a playlist for your flist; you can find mine here.

&hearts William Beckett. (shutup, fangs_up1, seriously!) Have yall seen this video? *hearts*

&hearts another bandom boy I'm really loving right now is Travis Clark. Who Is Travis Clark? He's ridiculously adorable.

&hearts at work today, Jessie asked Jon what he ended up getting into this weekend, and Jon laughed and started talking before Jessie & I could tell him we really didn't want to know. Then a few minutes later he was like "what do we pack these big cocks in?" and me and Jessie kinda both froze and then looked at each other and busted out laughing. He swears he said "clocks" but he he so totally didn't.

&hearts Audelio told me I'm his favorite part about working at RMG and that he's going to miss me too much when I'm gone.

&hearts Davey is reading The Magic Treehouse books for school (he's an advanced reader) so I've got him reading The Celery Stalks at Midnight to me at home.

&hearts Reruns of Reba on Lifetime. My brother's wife Kristina is soooo Barbara Jean.

&hearts Friday night plans: Madrone & Timid. And Tinsley. YAYES!

&hearts 65 days til TEXAS! <3
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